REEDS: Rundle’s Excellence in Education Distance-Delivery System

Welcome to REEDS: Learn more about online learning at Rundle 

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Rundle has transitioned to our online education delivery system, known as REEDS. This unique program was developed as both a synchronous and asynchronous model to allow for extensive digital face-to-face interaction between our faculty and students as well as off-line studies.  

We are committed to meeting the robust Alberta Education curricular objectives through our REEDS online teaching environment and will ensure our students are prepared for the next level of study or at the post-secondary level for our graduating students. 

During these challenging times, we continue to live by our Rundle values of Together: Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Well.

Our REEDS Guide to Positive Engagement echos our values.      

Rundle is a place of authentic relationships, personalization and kindness. Let’s all do our part to maintain this priority in new and unique ways. Remember that REEDS is about connection and not perfection.

We need to focus on staying positive during this time. Be sure to fill your days with laughter, support one another and trust that we will get through this together as a community. 

As we fully embrace our REEDS program, we are inspired by the online learning happening within our virtual classrooms. We remain focused on challenging our students to do their best and are committed to providing the tools they need for success. 


TEN PRINCIPLES TO LIVE BY in our new digital reality:

1. REEDS is about connection, not perfection.
2. When at REEDS, we are still at Rundle.
3. It's okay to be comfortable, but not okay to make others uncomfortable. 
4. Be protective of the personal information of others while online. 
5. We all need a break from being online. 
6. We are all going to need some social-emotional support. 
7. Showing up online is just as important as showing up in person. 
8. Assessment is about to evolve. 
9. Work/Life integration – managing the balance.
10. "Pathways to Learning" – a REEDS reality. 

Read the full Ten Principles document HERE.


During this time it's important to be mindful of our actions in an online environment. Therefore, we've created a series of Digital Citizenship videos for our students and parents.