Mission, Vision, and Values

Rundle College provides a strong culture that encourages both academic and personal achievement in an environment with high standards of care, respect and supervision. Rundle offers students of varying abilities the opportunity to prepare themselves for admission to post-secondary educational institutions while developing the skills necessary to succeed there.

In addition to academics, Rundle students participate in numerous programs that emphasize character development, leadership training and good citizenship. Small class size, and dedicated teachers are cornerstones of Rundle's educational philosophy and approach.

Rundle seeks to make educational opportunities available to a broad cross-section of students by maintaining competitive tuition with no required bonds, membership fees, or substantive fundraising obligations.

Our Mission:

To create a nurturing, engaging environment that provides an enriched, personalized education, preparing students for an ever-changing world.

Rundle College will:

  • Help students discover their potential
  • Challenge students to attain their best
  • Celebrate with them when they do

Our Vision: To develop inspired minds and unparalleled character 

Our Values:  Together: Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Well 

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