Rundle Life - for students

Student life at Rundle Academy is very active and rewarding and is designed to help our students discover their full potential. 

Students are engaged in their learning and share a close relationship with their teachers as they work towards academic excellence. They are involved in numerous extracurricular programs that help them discover new passions as athletes, artists, actors and more. Our students take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities offered to them and thrive alongside their highly motivated peers.

Rundle Academy students take great pride in their school and show their Rockies spirit at our athletic events, drama productions, band performances and fine arts celebrations. Supported by a strong network of teachers, administrators, faculty and alumni, Rundle  Academy students are free to explore their creativity, take risks and develop life skills as they grow and mature.

Rundle Life - for parents

The best way to share in your son's or daughter's Rundle experience is to be involved. Rundle Academy has a strong school community that benefits when both students and parents are engaged. 

Rundle Academy has a well-organized Parent Advisory Council that acts as the parental voice, providing assistance and advice while working in collaboration with administration and staff to enrich the life of our school. Joining the PAC gives you opportunities to volunteer in our schools. Parental support at games, competitions, performances and other special activities is another way to be part of the Rundle community.