Rundle College prides itself in discovering students who are a good fit for our outstanding academic and extracurricular programs. Our school has a focus on character development, leadership and strong citizenship. 

Families are strongly encouraged to submit applications in the fall for all grade levels. Each year Rundle College experiences openings at all grades, however, most enrollment opportunities occur at Kindergarten, Grades 4, 6, 7 and 10. Rundle College receives more applications for most grades than availability allows based on maximum class sizes. Rundle College selects candidates that will thrive in our program and contribute to the school community. 

In-take Years: 

  • Kindergarten: Interviews and offers begin in December
  • Grade 1-3: Interviews and offers begin in February​
  • Grade 4 - Grade 12: Ongoing interviews and offers for September 2019

New Application Deadlines:

Kindergarten: November 1st
Grade 1-12: Ongoing application acceptance

Sibling and Alumni Deadlines:

Kindergarten: November 1st
Grade 1-12: November 1st

We encourage you to attend an Open House event. Please visit Experience Rundle for further information and to book a tour. 


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