Admissions FAQs

What kind of student thrives at Rundle?

We have many unique and talented students at Rundle that help create our dynamic learning environment. Our students are confident in small working environments and are highly motivated and engaged learners that have a strong desire to participate and contribute to our school community. Volunteerism and humanitarian efforts are important to our culture at Rundle College. Our students are leaders of strong character and compassionate, local, and global citizens. 

What are your intake years?

Our most common intake years are Kindergarten and Grades 3, 4, 6, 7 and 10. As we experience unpredictable enrollment changes throughout the year, we encourage and accept applications to other grades.

Do we offer multi-family discounts?

Rundle is proud to offer an exceptional educational experience for our students with competitive tuition without the requirement of bonds or membership fees. At this time we do not offer multi-family discounts.   

Do siblings and/or children of alumni have admissions priority?

Rundle College Society values our community. For applicants who currently have siblings in our program, and/or if their parents are alumni, priority status is given to their applications provided all admission requirements are met.

Can I talk to current students or parents?  

Our PAC is an excellent source of information and each school has a Community Liaison Committee. These parents would be able to answer any questions you may have about their Rundle College experience. Please contact to be connected with the committee members. 

When are the open house dates?

Each program hosts an open house each year. Please refer to the dates listed under the Experience Rundle tab. 

Is bus service available?

Rundle College Kindergarten to Grade 12 is conveniently located on one campus close to numerous bus routes and the 69th LRT Station. Rundle College does not offer private bus service.    

Do your students wear a uniform?

Rundle is a uniform school and our students wear their uniforms with pride. Each program has their own unique components to the standard uniform, from the summer uniforms to the much anticipated black vests for our graduating class. For more details please refer to the Uniform tab.

What other fees are associated with attending Rundle?

Tuition and uniform costs make up the required costs of a Rundle education; however, we do offer exceptional complementary courses and extracurricular programs that incur various expenses. Our students are given numerous local and international travel opportunities for athletics, fine arts or humanitarian pursuits, which are not covered by tuition.

Do you offer Scholarships and Bursaries?

Rundle College Society offers numerous merit scholarships each year to current Rundle students in the junior and senior grades who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics and/or the arts and citizenship. Bursaries in the form of tuition assistance are available to our current students.  

Are the teachers qualified and do they have university degrees?

Yes. All of our teaching faculty have university degrees, some hold graduate degrees and all have earned valid teaching certification. More often than not, our teachers are subject specialists in their area.

Where do Rundle graduates go for their postsecondary studies?

For our college program, nearly 100% of all our graduates are accepted to a university or college program of their choice. Our graduates enroll in a variety of programs at universities across Canada, the United States and abroad. Many of our alumni continue on to graduate school, earning multiple degrees including MBA and Ph.D designations. 

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