Building Tomorrow, Begins Today

Today we are excited to launch our annual Vision & Values fundraising campaign!

Every year we appeal to our community to support our students and schools by donating to our annual fund. 

Our campaign is focused on innovation and wellness along with opportunities to enhance these elements throughout our schools and programs. We have established a variety of funds again this year to encourage our community to support the Rundle initiatives that they feel most passionate about.


This year’s funds include:

Campus Fund supports the creation of innovative classrooms, including technology, workspace furnishings, and enhancements for our College 7-12 school.  

Bursary Fund supports our current students who require financial aid in order to continue their education at Rundle.

Capital Fund | Academy  supports expenses for the enhancements already completed at the Academy campus.

Please visit our Vision & Values webpage to learn more about this year’s funds and how your generosity makes a difference in the lives of all of our students. 

Together, we are Moving Forward. Donate today and help us make the vision for your child’s future a reality.