Rundle Music School

Bringing Music to the Calgary Community

We are thrilled to be offering the Rundle Music School which is located at our College campus. We passionately believe that music has the capacity to enrich our lives and provide a wonderful creative outlet. The school is open to our greater Calgary community and musicians of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us.

The Story of Rundle Music School

Our music school began as a passion project by our current elementary school principal, Kirsten Klingvall, who saw the opportunity to use the unoccupied teaching spaces at the College for extracurricular music lessons that could welcome members of the Rundle community as well as the surrounding community area, and thus Rundle Music School was born!

Our Goal

We are focused on offering high-quality music education to the community while being as easily accessible as possible. Juggling academics, athletics, and music can be a daunting task, made exponentially harder for working families or families with multiple children. These pursuits are incredibly important in the development of thriving, creative, and passionate children. In addition to offering lessons with talented and kind musicians, our program is structured in complement with other afterschool programs, designed to best fit the needs of our busy community.

In an effort to inspire a life-long love for music, our qualified and caring Rundle instructors strive to provide a personalized and well-rounded music experience for every student.

Winter 2022 Session

The winter session runs from January 17 — March 18. Students are encouraged to join at any time!