Be a Proud Rundle Athlete

Rundle College students have the opportunity to participate in both competitive and noncompetitive athletic sports as well as daily physical education classes. We have a very active intramural program and all students are encouraged to participate in these fun, team and skill-building activities.

Students in the Outdoor Education Program at our Elementary experience camping in Kananaskis, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, spelunking, mountain biking, dog sledding, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, and ice walking.

As members of the Calgary Independent Schools' Athletic Association (Calgary ISAA), Rundle College athletes compete on many high performing athletic teams that play within the city and the province. Rundle College is widely know for the strength of its athletic programs and many Rundle alumni continue their athletic pursuits at the university and professional level.

•  Volleyball
•  Cross country running
•  Basketball
•  Wrestling
•  Track and field
•  Badminton
•  Football
•  Rugby
•  Soccer
•  Golf

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