Image of Head of School Jason Rogers in front of the Rundle College football field

Head of School Message

In our current educational landscape, we are fortunate to have so many quality choices for our children’s education. For those of you who have chosen Rundle College Society for your child, I would like to thank you for making our program your choice. I hope that you and your children continue to enjoy the “Rundle Experience.”

For families that are new to Rundle College Society, let me take this opportunity to give you the essence of the “Rundle Experience” so that you feel more informed about this very important educational choice.

In the summer of 1985, Dr. W.J. Collett and Dr. R.C. Conklin set out to create a world-class educational institution where students could reach their full potential. The vision for the new school included small class sizes that were taught by the most talented and dedicated teachers. Our founders believed that through this essential combination of class size and excellence in instruction, the students in Rundle College Society’s care would be stewarded to excellence.

Beyond small class size and premiere educators, Rundle College Society has continued to focus on the following:

An Attention to Excellence

In our hallways, classrooms, staff rooms, board rooms and business offices we have a commitment to excellence in all respects. Whether we are teaching a lesson, competing in an athletic competition, performing on stage, travelling on a service trip, or celebrating our Grade 12 Graduates, we know that ease is not the goal; excellence is.

A Safe and Caring Environment

We pride ourselves in providing an environment where your children are safe and cared for. Our teachers and support staff forge strong relationships with our student body, which creates an environment of open communication and support. Through this communication and support, our students are able to express themselves in a manner that honours who they are as individuals and learners.

Enriched Individualized Learning

Whether they attend our College or Academy Program, we strive to provide students with a learning experience that acknowledges their individuality in learning. We hope that students will not only learn the curriculum as it is delivered, but also learn to be creative, introspective, and truly evolved Renaissance Learners. When students understand their own cognition, they are then able to apply that knowledge in any situation that may present itself in the future.

Decades later, we now know that Dr. Collett and Dr. Conklin were visionaries. Since the day the school opened in 1985, each member of our community has continued this tradition of excellence in education. Recently, I was again reminded of this by a colleague who indicated that I welcomed him to the school nearly 10 years ago by saying, “Welcome to Rundle College Society — this is the best place to be; it’s a place you’ll never forget.” I truly believe this is the essence of the “Rundle Experience”.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to the Rundle community; together we will continue to fulfill Rundle College’s extraordinary mission.


Jason Rogers
Head of School, Rundle College Society