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Head of School Message

If you have the opportunity to visit our schools or talk with a member of our community, you will invariably stumble upon the concept of R+. You may be wondering what R+ means, and in short, there is no definition, it is just, “The Rundle Way”.

As we further explore what “The Rundle Way” is, it is the living embodiment of our values, Pathways to Learning, and the rich fabric of our Rundle program.

At Rundle, our value statement is, “Together: Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Well”. We believe that these four values are the epitome of a fully realized, future-ready, person with passion and purpose. In our pursuit of these values, we are actively aiming for a pluralistic community who are committed to becoming a true culture of learning.

R+ follows our uniquely developed Pathways to Learning model. At Rundle, the three distinct, yet intertwined, Pathways to Learning are character, academics, and co-curricular. In our schools, we will always believe, “character comes first.” We believe we have not done our job if our students do not develop an altruistic mindset with a view to making their communities, locally and abroad, a better place. We know we want our students to pursue any post-secondary learning of their choice, and to this end, academics are at the core of our program. Our faculty work with students to help them reach their individual potential and celebrate with them when they do. Finally, co-curriculars are the balance of our program. Rundle offers hundreds of outside-of-the-classroom experiences that allow our students to explore their passions and share their talents.

Finally, the fabric of our Rundle program is steeped with a long history of school pride, engaged community members, and generosity. Over 2000 students have graduated from the Academy and College and our connected alumni network now extends around the world and across all industries. We often say, “Rundle is a K–Forever” program. The connections between our alumni, faculty, and staff remain strong and we continue to stay connected after graduation. We take great pleasure in celebrating our alumni’s success and we love to see where their journey takes them after Rundle. Our alumni’s contributions continue to enrich our school programs and our world!  

Ultimately, R+ is a combination of all these factors. As much as we can aim to define it, it is when our values, Pathways to Learning, and fabric weave together as true excellence in each member of our school community, that we realize R+

I invite you to further explore if R+ and Rundle is the right fit for your family and look forward to welcoming you to our Rundle community.


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Dr. Jason Rogers
Head of School
Rundle College Society