graphic depicting Canvas Learning Management System

Canvas Login Links

We are excited to share that we are introducing Canvas as our new Learning Management System (LMS) across Rundle. Canvas will replace Google Classroom and Moodle and allow us to integrate with additional educational software and provide an engaging and collaborative platform between students and teachers. Students will continue to use Google Drive and other Google applications to do their daily classroom work. 

Canvas, as an observer, enhances the potential for parents to engage in their children’s education by utilizing simple tools. In Canvas, parents can review upcoming or past assignments and receive alerts for student activity, while marks will remain accessed through PowerSchool.  

More information will be provided about Canvas after the start of school by your principal and how parents/guardians can access their accounts. Students will work with their teachers upon the start of school to begin using Canvas.

Need Assistance?

Do you need help pairing with your student to access Canvas? Check out our Observer Pairing Guide to answer your questions. If you need additional support, please reach out to our IT Support Team at support@rundle.ab.ca.