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The Traverse

Post-Secondary Support for Our Students

The Traverse Post-Secondary Transition Program (The Traverse) is a Rundle-developed program that supports our graduating students as they transition into post-secondary education.

As demonstrated in academic research, students are most successful in transitioning into post-secondary education learning environments if they have the following skills and attributes: self-determination, learning strategies, and the ability to self-advocate. 

Rundle focuses on the development of these skills; however, based on the research literature and feedback from our alumni, these skills may require further development in their new learning environment.

Most post-secondary institutions have student support services and even some week-long transition courses; however, the support is not individualized for the holistic needs of a student. The Traverse aims to seamlessly bridge the gap between high school and post-secondary studies for our students and bring them closer to academic autonomy while maintaining their confidence.

The Traverse Difference

A Traverse Coach will be assigned to each student who will work alongside them throughout the entire year to create continuity and a sense of trust through this period of transition. The Traverse Coach and the post-secondary student will meet weekly via Zoom conference call or in-person meetings.

The program is tailored specifically to a student’s individual requirements; however, also adheres to a curriculum to ensure the program objectives are covered which include goal setting, strategy development and support, academic support, and well-being.

For full program details and costs, please reach out to the Traverse Coordinator at traverse@rundle.ab.ca.

Sign-up deadline is May 1, 2024. Limited spots available.

This program knows where you came from, knows your strengths, and weaknesses. It helped make [the experience at university] way better and helped me have greater confidence, be less overwhelmed and stressed-out all the time, and more positive.

Traverse Participant

The guidance with organizing [my son’s] schedule, support with study strategies, and regular coaching meetings have provided an invaluable start to his university journey.

Academy Parent

Have Questions?

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Please email the Traverse Coordinator at traverse@rundle.ab.ca for more information.