Academy Admissions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact about admissions?
Please email admissions@rundle.ab.ca for general inquiries about Rundle Academy. 

Do you have an open house?
At this time we are unable to invite guests into our schools; however, we are excited to offer online tours so you can view the halls of our schools. 

Rundle Academy offers weekly school tours throughout the year. Please visit here to take a virtual tour and sign up for an Information Session. 

What are the tuition fees?
Detailed information regarding fees can be found here.

What is the best age to start at Rundle Academy?
Our program begins in Grade 4 and this is an excellent point of entry. We do have some openings at other grade levels, but these can be more limited. It is wise to apply early in the fall but we do continue to accept applications throughout the school year. We encourage you to apply for all grades and we will communicate opportunities as they become available.

Do you have a before/after school care program?
No, there is no before or after school care program offered at Rundle Academy.

Is bus service available?
Transportation is provided by Southland transportation for students who are attending Rundle Academy. The service is offered to all quadrants of the city.

For more information on costs, routes and times, please contact Lisa Hansen.

Do you offer scholarships and bursaries?
Rundle College Society offers numerous merit scholarships each year to current Rundle students who demonstrate excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and/or citizenship. Bursaries in the form of tuition assistance are generously supported through donations from Rundle staff, students, alumni, families, and friends. Families are eligible to apply for the next school year if their child is currently attending a Rundle program. Applications are accepted until early May each year. For more information, please contact our Director of Finance at drogers@rundle.ab.ca.

Do we offer sibling discounts?
Rundle is proud to offer an exceptional educational experience for our students with competitive tuition.  At this time, we do not offer sibling discounts.   

Are the teachers trained in working with students who have learning disabilities?
All of the teaching staff at Rundle Academy are certified by Alberta Education. Many of our teachers have specific backgrounds in Special Education. 

Additionally, Rundle Academy sets a high priority on professional development, with a focus on in-house training which occurs on an ongoing basis. Rundle Academy teachers also have participated in – and have been invited to present at – a wide variety of professional workshops and conferences in Alberta and throughout North America.

Do you follow the Alberta Education curriculum?
Rundle Academy has a strong belief in the necessity of maintaining students on the curriculum. As a result, we do not modify the curriculum; rather, we use differentiated instruction and assessment to enhance the delivery of the curriculum. All students in Grades 6 and 9 are expected to write provincial assessments and all students in 30-level academic courses must write diploma exams that are worth 30% of their final marks.

Will my child be able to return to public school after a year or two?
Rundle Academy offers high-quality curricular education for students with learning disabilities from Grades 4-12. All courses that are necessary for postsecondary education are available in our high school program.

In addition, our students have a broad range of co-curricular opportunities that allow for development in the arts, athletic and leadership capacities. We hope that students find their home at Rundle Academy and graduate as proud Rundle Academy graduates!

Will you do another assessment on my child or do you provide assessments for students? 
Applicants to Rundle Academy must have an independent psychoeducational assessment conducted prior to applying to the school. Rundle Academy does not conduct these assessments but can make recommendations to psychologists who may be available to assess prospective students. The assessment needs to be within the past three years.

What do you do to prepare students for post-secondary study?
Postsecondary planning starts as early as Grade 9, when teachers, students and parents, in consultation with Student Services, make course selections for high school. All high school students must take Career and Life Management, which involves exploring career options. In Grades 11 and 12, students consult individually with Student Services to ensure that they are prepared for postsecondary study, including program applications, course selection and applying for accommodations.

To further support our students, Rundle Academy offers The Traverse program, which is designed to provide personalized support to our graduating students and assist them during the trials of their first-year in post-secondary education.  

What are your parent volunteer expectations?
Parent volunteers within our schools support our programs and further enrich and strengthen our Rundle community. Each campus has a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) that provides numerous opportunities for parents to enjoy the benefits of volunteering, while at the same time, share in their son or daughter’s Rundle experience. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available to our parents. For more information please visit MyRundle.

What are your parent fundraising expectations?
Rundle Academy finances its programs with tuition, grant revenue, and private donations. Rundle is fortunate to have many generous parents, grandparents, alumni and friends who support the needs of our school as our programs grow and improve. 

Your generosity will help create the educational experience you envision for your child. We encourage all our families to include Rundle in their charitable giving portfolio and contribute at any level. We have many options to direct gifts to those programs that our donors are passionate about. Learn more here  about how you can support Rundle’s mission.  

Additional ways you can contribute in our school community through your time and talents will be provided in the Parent handbook available to parents at the beginning of each school year.