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Life at Rundle College

Discovering & Developing Each Student’s True Potential

Rundle College is an independent, university preparatory, co-educational day school program that uses a research-driven pedagogy of mentorship and guidance to develop well-rounded, future-ready, global-minded graduates. From Kindergarten through to graduation, the school develops students who are confident learners, critical thinkers, and global citizens.

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Small Class Sizes

Our strong focus on relationship building is fostered through our small class sizes where students are connected with their teachers and their peers. We keep our classroom group size limited thereby allowing individuals the opportunity to learn from each other’s similarities, differences and points of view.

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Excellence of Instruction

At Rundle, we hold our teachers and staff to the highest standard. Every teacher at Rundle College is dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives of individual children. Our teachers are certified by Alberta Education, have degrees and many even have graduate degrees.

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Character, Leadership & Citizenship

While academic excellence is important, we strive to develop students who are ready to navigate life with confidence and successfully face uncertainties and challenges. Our objective is to develop graduates who have the ability and versatility to move in worlds we can’t even imagine yet.

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Preparing Students for an Ever-Changing World

At Rundle College, we strive to develop Renaissance Students who achieve in academics, are active in athletics, participate in the arts and are recognized for being outstanding citizens and volunteers of good character. At Rundle, your child has the space to explore their individual passions and the support to reach beyond what they ever thought was possible.

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Enriched Academics

At Rundle College, our demanding academic program, balanced with various experiences in the arts, languages, technology, and physical education, encourages the intellectual, social and personal growth of our students. Framed by a liberal arts focus and design-thinking approach, we accommodate diverse learning needs and deliver a program that encourages curiosity and empowers students to become critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers.

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Leadership, Character Development & Citizenship

While academic performance is important, it is only one aspect of our goal to develop well-rounded students. To support this goal, character development and citizenship are integrated into our curriculum. Our thoughtfully designed program allows students to learn and develop through community service initiatives and various character-building endeavours including community volunteer experiences, character-focused classroom discussions, and numerous leadership opportunities. 

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Exploring Interests & Passions with Extracurriculars

The ways and methods people gain knowledge, not only in their formative school years but also throughout their lifetimes, are changing rapidly. We believe in expanding and increasing every student’s opportunity for self-discovery and exploration. Students must feel empowered to take the lead from the beginning; early in their school lives, they are encouraged to seek out answers and learn the core skills necessary to become lifetime learners. Rundle encourages students to take their learning to new levels and in new directions by offering extracurricular activities for all grades that extend beyond the conventional curriculum and beyond the regular school year. Rundle engages our students’ minds, helping them to discover their passions and potential. Through rigorous academic programs, exciting and challenging physical activities, campus and community events and co-curricular opportunities, students have every opportunity to build their character and demonstrate their individuality. Through athletics, fine arts, travel, clubs, leadership opportunities, participation in research, cultural exploration and more, the rich Rundle experience enhances learning and expands students’ perspectives of the world around them — and the wealth of possibilities ahead.

Life at Rundle is busy. Below are just some of the exciting opportunities that our students enjoy: