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Life at Rundle Academy

Discovering True Potential & Confidence in Learning

Small Class Sizes | Dedicated Teachers | Character Development


Rundle Academy is an independent, co-educational premier day school for students with diagnosed learning disabilities, with or without ADHD from grades 4 through 12. As a caring learning community, the Academy has become nationally recognized as a leader in education for complex learners. Rundle Academy is an engaging environment, devoted to providing enriched and personalized education to help your child build confidence in their abilities, self-esteem, motivation, and academic achievement.

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Small Class Sizes

Our strong focus on relationship building is fostered through our small class sizes where each student is connected with their teacher and their peers. We know how important it is for complex learners to have the support of and a relationship with their teachers to realize their potential.

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Excellence of Instruction

At Rundle, we hold our teachers and staff to the highest standard. Every teacher at Rundle Academy is dedicated and committed to making a difference in the lives of individual children. Our teachers are certified by Alberta education, have degrees and many even have graduate degrees.

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Character, Leadership & Citizenship

While academic excellence is important, we strive to develop students who are ready to navigate life with confidence and successfully face uncertainties and challenges. Our objective is to have graduates who have the ability and versatility to move in worlds we can’t even imagine yet.


Real-Life Learning Experiences

Our goal is to help students become good citizens and noble human beings of fine character. We know that to achieve this goal that this takes a diverse set of tools — academics, sports, fine arts and volunteer programs. It’s so easy to start to view these tools as ends in themselves. However, we aim to see our programs as a means to develop positive aspects of character and help students see what reaching their full potential looks like.

Enriched Academics

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Rundle Academy is one of the premier learning disability programs in Alberta, and provides exceptional educational opportunities for our students. Our individualized academic program encourages intellectual, social and personal growth of our students and is balanced by a variety of experiences in music, languages, technology and physical education. Our dedicated teachers utilize a variety of instructional approaches including assistive technology, differentiated instruction and assessment, and an intensive writing and reading program.

Leadership, Character Development & Citizenship

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While academic performance is important, it is only one aspect in our goal of developing well-rounded students. To support this goal, character development and citizenship is integrated into our curriculum. We have designed our curriculum to allow students to learn and develop through active participation in organized service experiences that meet community needs. Through school-related outings, guest speakers and in daily life, we will foster and encourage compassion, integrity, perseverance, involvement, respect and responsibility.

Extracurriculars | Exploring Interests & Passions

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How people learn – not only during the school years but throughout their lifetimes – is rapidly changing. Because of Rundle’s continued excellence in education, we believe in expanding the current opportunities for student self-discovery and for being inquisitive. Early in their school lives students must feel empowered to take the lead, seek out answers and learn the core skills necessary to become lifetime learners. Rundle encourages students to take their learning to new levels and in new directions by offering extracurricular activities for all grades that extend beyond the conventional curriculum and beyond the regular school year.