Studio Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees

Rundle Studio Tuition Fees | 2021–2022

  • Grades 7 and 8:  $9,850
  • Technology Fee: $1,000 (due in August 2021)

Families may also qualify for the Disability Tax Credit reducing the overall personal costs for families making Rundle Studio a very viable option.

All students will receive a Rundle-issued device that is supported and monitored by the school with all required software. There is a technology fee of $1,000 due in August 2021.

Family Membership Fee

We have a one-time fee that is due upon initial acceptance for the Studio. This fee helps fund ongoing faculty training, program support, and enhancements which allow our faculty and staff to remain ahead of the curve on educational practices and trends. The chart below should help give further clarity around fee payments.

A one-time, per-family family membership fee of $2,000 is paid upon acceptance for all new families joining Rundle. This fee is non-refundable, non-transferable, and is separate from tuition payments.

Student TypeFamily Membership Fee
Students enrolled in the 2019–2020 school year and any additional siblingn/a
Students enrolled as of September 2020$2,000
Students enrolled as of September 2020 — additional student in the same familyn/a
Alumni childrenn/a
Families returning after an absencen/a

Uniforms and Co-curricular Costs

There will be additional costs associated with uniforms and various activities. We are still in the developmental phase of our uniform requirements and will update our enrolled students as soon as possible. We anticipate the costs to be lower than a traditional in-person uniform.

Rundle Studio Bursary Application

Rundle College Society is providing a total of $15,000 n bursaries for students enrolling at Rundle Studio for the 2021-22 academic year. This bursary is being provided to families that would otherwise be financially challenged to enrol in the program. These bursaries are funded by generous donors specifically for the opening year of Rundle Studio.

The bursary is based on the family’s net income from the previous year, taking into account the number of dependents in the family.  Unique circumstances or special situations are also taken into account.  At least one bursary will be prioritized for a family living outside the Calgary area.

To be eligible for a bursary, please submit the following information:

  1. A Bursary Application Form
  2. A copy of each parent’s Notice of Assessment for the 2020 year
  3. A formal letter outlining any additional information, including any unusual circumstances which will help Rundle assess your financial need.
  4. Summary of family’s current financial net worth (home, investment accounts, mortgage, consumer debt, etc).  

Bursaries will only be considered for students who have applied and have been accepted to the Rundle Studio program for 2021–2022. The initial $2,000 deposit and Family Membership Fee of $2,000 must be paid to Rundle College Society upon acceptance to the program. Bursaries granted will be applied against the August 1 tuition payment.  

Bursary decisions are determined by the Rundle Studio Bursary Committee. You will be notified of the Committee’s decision prior to your first payment. All information will remain confidential and will only be reviewed by those processing and making decisions on your application.

If you have any questions regarding the bursary application process or you would like to apply, please contact Donna Rogers, Director of Finance – Society at admissions@rundle.ab.ca.