Board of Directors

Supporters | Strategists | Volunteers | Champions

The Rundle College Society Board of Directors is led by a group of elected, benevolent volunteers composed of parents of current students and “independent” members who do not have children currently enrolled.

Who They Are

  • They are supporters of Rundle’s mission, unique priorities and educational philosophy. They focus on and support character development at Rundle.
  • They are strategists as they establish the overall direction for Rundle College Society.
  • They are volunteers who carry out many of the projects and tasks as part of the Board.
  • Finally, they are champions because they attend and often participate in school functions for the purpose of encouraging, recognizing and celebrating with students and other members of the Rundle community.

What They Do

Board members represent and support the interests of all programs and campuses. They work closely with the Superintendent, the Head of School, and the Heads of Academics, Business, and Operations and obtain advice from internal and external subject matter experts as necessary. They do not deal with, nor involve themselves with, day-to-day “in-school” matters.

How They Stay in Touch

The Board communicates with Rundle Society members through the Annual General Meeting, special purpose meetings and special announcements.

If you wish to contact the board, please email contactus@rundle.ab.ca.

We thank our current Board of Directors for their dedication and commitment to Rundle.

Mr. Scott Burrows
Member Since 2018
Mr. Chris Chan
Member Since 2021
Mrs. Carrie Ferguson
Member Since 2013
Ms. Katherine Harmsworth
Member Since 2018
Mr. Dennis Locking
Member Since 2008
Mr. Iain McCorkindale
Member Since 2017
Mr. Jon McKenzie
Member Since 2018
Mrs. Mehri Salimova
Member Since 2017
Mr. Eric Toews
Member Since 2016
Ms. Shana Wolch
Member Since 2022