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Rundle College is an independent, co-ed, day school that was founded in 1985 by Dr. W.J. Collett and Dr. Rodney Conklin and provides an outstanding educational experience for approximately 1000 students in preschool through Grade 12. In addition to academic achievement, Rundle's programs emphasize character development, leadership training and good citizenship. Small classes (typically 12-14 students), dedicated teachers who are committed to making a difference in the lives of individual children and reasonable tuition with no bonds or membership fees, are attributes that uniquely define Rundle College.


Rundle Primary (preschool through grade 3), Rundle Elementary (grades 4-6), Rundle Junior High (grades 7-9), Rundle Senior High (grades 10-12) and Rundle Academy (for students with a diagnosed learning disability; grades 4-12) are operated from separate campuses, giving each school a unique flavor and a small school environment where every child is encouraged and where all achievements are recognized and celebrated.


The information on this website will assist you in understanding Rundle College and determining whether Rundle is right for your child. Please explore the links in the menu above for additional information.



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