Research, cultural exploration, and humanitarian efforts are an extension of the academic and extracurricular programs offered at Rundle. Students have opportunities to take part in many local field trips as well as global travel that enhances their learning and gives perspective of the world around them.

Our Student Exchange Program has our Grade 11 students studying abroad in Scotland and Australia. 

Below are examples of past and current travel opportunities: 

Rundle College Primary: 

  • Calgary Zoo
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Heritage Park 
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Leighton Arts Centre
  • National Music Foundation
  • Safety City
  • Telus Spark
  • Wordfest

Rundle College Elementary: 

  • Bennett Centre
  • Calgary Zoo
  • Camp Chief Hector
  • Camp Horizon
  • Corn Maze
  • Drumheller
  • Jubilee Auditorium
  • Ottawa
  • Telus Spark

‚ÄčRundle College Jr. Sr. High: 

  • Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Bostswana, Namibia)
  • Australia
  • Bamfield Marine Science Centre
  • Cambodia
  • Cuba
  • Edgewater Fortune - School at Sea
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • New Orleans
  • New York
  • Peru
  • Spain & France

See what extracurricular activities Rundle College has to offer:


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