Alberta Education Policies and Reports

Alberta Education Policies and Reports 

At Rundle, the care and safety of students, faculty, and staff is paramount. Strong relationships within our school community fosters open communication and support. This enables everyone to express themselves in a manner that honours who they are as individuals and learners. Please take a moment to review our Safe and Respectful Learning Environment Policy below:

Safe and Respectful Learning Environment Policy 

The excellence of Rundle College has been repeatedly recognized by independent organizations such as the Fraser Institute, which consistently ranks Rundle College as a top private school in Alberta.  

We are very proud of our students' success. Their academic achievement is the result of building a strong foundation starting at the primary level.

Feel free to browse our Education Plan and various provincial exam results below:

Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Exam Results

Rundle College Society Combined Annual Education Results Report (2017-2018)
and Three-Year Education Plan (2018-2021