Rundle Academy is one of the premier learning disability programs in the province and provides exceptional educational opportunities for our students. Our students are in the average to above average range of intellectual functioning, but have difficulties with specific academic activities and skills.

Small class sizes at Rundle Academy offer an individualized, structured educational program plan that follows the Alberta Learning Curriculum.  Our program is unmodified and our teachers provide accommodations to maintain the integrity of the provincial curriculum. Our dedicated teachers utilize a variety of instructional approaches including integrated assistive technology, differentiated instruction and assessment, and an intensive writing and reading program.

The high school academic program offers all the courses required for students to attend post-secondary institutions in Canada and abroad. In our high school program we offer only the academic streams of the curriculum (e.g., Math 20-1 & 20-2) and Spanish as a second language.

Rundle Academy students perform well on Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Exams and are prepared for post-secondary education. We give our students the tools to succeed in an academic environment and become strong advocates for their learning styles and continued success.