Research, cultural exploration and humanitarian efforts are an extension of the academic and extracurricular programs offered at Rundle Academy. Students have opportunities to take part in many local field trips as well as global travel. This enhances their learning and helps them gain perspective of the world around them.

A sampling of our trips would include:

Elementary Trips: 

  • Heritage Park, Calgary
  • Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller
  • Police Interpretative Centre
  • Orientation Camp

Junior High Trips:

  • Camp Chief Hector
  • Pioneer Camp, Alberta
  • Quebec & Ottawa

Senior High Trips:

  • Battlefields Tour, France & Belgium
  • Backpacking in the Rocky Mountains
  • Guatemala, International Service Trip

Our high school travel club focuses on historical, language and service trips and we hope each student has the opportunity to experience one or more of these opportunities. 

The 3 year rotating cycle includes:

  • Year 1 - Historical Trip to Europe
  • Year 2 - Spanish Cultural Trip
  • Year 3 - Service/Voluntourism Trip

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