Rundle Studio

Grades 7–8 Program

Through the pathways to learning, the Studio encourages students to strive for success in academics, build solid character, and engage in co-curricular activities. Although we want students to achieve the highest level of academics, we believe that putting a focus on character development is paramount.

Through interactions with social interactions, learning experiences, and co-curricular activities, students will continuously develop their character. The Studio will deliver curriculum from Alberta Education at grade level with no modifications.



Technology Requirement

As an online school, we have specific requirements to ensure we are connected when we need to be. All Studio students are required to have the following:

  • a stable internet connection with at least 20 mbps connection download speed
  • a minimum of at least 2.5 mbps connection upload speed

Each student will be provided with a device to use at home for all school-related activities.  This device will be maintained and monitored by the school. Technical support will be available for issues related to the software and the device itself.


How will our online school work?

The Lead Teacher (LT) will deliver curricular content using clear direct instruction to all students in the grade. After the lesson, students move to small breakout groups where the Teacher Advisor (TA) consolidates the learning through highly dynamic, engaging, and personalized activities.

While in TA groups, students ask questions, interact with each other, collaborate on activities, and demonstrate their understanding of the day’s material. Once the lesson is complete, the TA will connect with the LT to review student progress and prepare for the next lesson based on the results.


Rundle Studio: Teacher/Learning Model infographic


A Typical Day

A typical school day at the Studio may follow this schedule.

8:30-8:40Teacher Advisor (TA) Check-in Time:  Meet with teacher to review announcements, take attendance, discuss upcoming events
8:40-9:05ELA Lead Lesson: Synchronous
9:05-9:25ELA TA Activity: Asynchronous
9:30-9:55Math Lead Lesson: Synchronous
9:55-10:25Math TA Activity: Asynchronous
10:30-10:55Science Lead Lesson: Synchronous
10:55-11:25Science TA Activity: Synchronous
12:10-12:35Social Lesson
12:35-1:05Social TA Activity
2:30-2:45TA Check-Out: Students complete agenda


Our School Leaders

Mr. John Wolf, Rundle Studio Principal

Mr. Wolf comes to Rundle Studio with over a decade of experience with students who have learning disabilities. Mr. Wolf started with Rundle College Society in September of 2005 and has been an invaluable member of our faculty since then. During his time at Rundle Academy, he taught in both the elementary and junior high programs and held divisional and curriculum leadership positions.

In addition to this experience, Mr. Wolf brings teaching and leadership experience from his time overseas in Singapore, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. In addition to his work in schools, Mr. Wolf has also earned his Masters of Education in Administration. 

Mr. Wolf is available to answer any questions you may have at

Our Teachers

All of the teaching staff at Rundle Studio are certified by Alberta Education. Many of our teachers have specific backgrounds in Special Education. They have a passion for teaching online with dynamic and creative lessons. 

Additionally, Rundle Studio sets a high priority on professional development, with a focus on in-house training which occurs on an ongoing basis. Studio teachers also have participated in — and have been invited to present at — a wide variety of professional workshops and conferences in Alberta and throughout North America.