Alumni family Khakhi

The Next Generation Walking Our Halls

By Pam Cook | Enrolment Officer

Aliya (Haji) Khakhi graduated in 1999 from Rundle College, Barlow Campus, in the company of 11 other grade 12 students.

Looking back on her time as part of Rundle’s growing community, Aliya shares some fond memories, alluding to the outstanding teachers who shaped her world in senior high school. It is a well-known fact that a teacher can have a pivotal role in a student’s life and one’s attitude toward learning. Aliya has chosen Rundle for her own children’s educational journey because her experiences at Rundle speak to the impact such mentors had on her own path to success.

Now an independent business owner, Aliya shared with me how her English teacher, Mrs. Lynn Scott, helped her navigate the challenges she encountered when writing essays. This was not Aliya’s favourite subject, but Mrs. Scott had a unique way of teaching this skill and the impact she had changed the way Aliya mastered this challenge. As an Enrolment Coordinator, Mrs. Scott is still part of our Rundle family today, still reading essays, but from potential new students applying to our school.

“Bigger isn’t always better, but at Rundle, it is!”

– Aliya Khakhi

In contrast, Mrs. Allison Belt taught Aliya her two favourite subjects, Biology and Chemistry, and while Mrs. Belt’s delivery of the curriculum in these subjects suited Aliya’s learning style; there was a personal connection between her and Mrs. Belt. Mrs. Belt is presently the Principal of our Senior High School and fondly remembers teaching Aliya all those years ago.

One cannot forget the formidable Headmaster at the time, Mr. Hauk. Aliya certainly could not leave our conversation without mentioning what a “good guy” he was. She elaborates, “Scary at times, but at the core, a figure of authority. He would address issues during assemblies, such as appropriate student general conduct with such a firm tone that you could not help but respect the guy.” Mr. Hauk is still serving Rundle today, as our Superintendent.

Today, Aliya tells me why she chose Rundle for her children. Saphia is in grade 4 and her son, Aryan, is presently in grade 6. Aryan is very excited to be moving up to the Junior High at the College campus in September for grade 7. She explains how moving up to a bigger campus with older students has brought out in Aryan great anticipation towards “growing up” and exploring new opportunities.

Aliya states; “Bigger isn’t always better, but at Rundle, it is!” The prospect of being able to join a school band, explore coding, learning another new language, and becoming part of the Rundle Cobras soccer team ticks all the boxes for her family. She adds that Rundle has a beautiful campus which is upgraded to move with the times and employs fabulous teachers that maintain longevity as a faculty. Student counsellors are also available when there are problems and they are “on it” she states with conviction!

In closing, Aliya added that Rundle brought out her hidden talents as an entrepreneur and gave her the gift of lasting friendships within her graduating class.

Since the original publication of this article, Aliya’s oldest son, Ilyan ’26, is also attending Rundle College in grade 10.