Why We Give — Bob Forman’s Story

Rundle is a school built on the generosity of our community. Our exceptional programs, facilities, and initiatives are funded by charitable donations made by our families, staff, alumni, and friends. We wouldn’t be able to provide the Rundle experience to all of our incredible students without your support.

Bob Forman has been a dedicated Rundle College faculty member for 27 years, teaching Physics 20 and 30 to our senior high students and coaching our Cobras Rugby teams to countless victories. Mr. Forman has generously supported our Rundle vision, values and programming during his tenure and although he is retiring at the end of this school year, he will remain an important member of our Rundle community. Mr. Forman, one of many teachers who donates to our Rundle student bursary fund each year, shares his reasons for giving. 

“As a long-serving member of the Rundle College community, who bleeds burgundy, and who has had the opportunity to lay a couple of bricks in the foundation of the school, my giving story is centered around one major value and that is — Every child deserves to experience what Rundle has to offer. 

I have seen Rundle grow from a tiny school of 100 students in grades from 7 – 12 in 1994, to 27 years later, a school of over 1000 children from kindergarten to Grade 12. I have seen first-hand what small class sizes can accomplish. The bottom line is that the Rundle model works and it is a fabulous example of what effective education can look like.  My vision is to make this kind of quality education accessible to a broader population of children regardless of their socioeconomic status. While I don’t see all schools being run like Rundle (the cost would be prohibitive), I do envision a day when 10% of the Rundle student population is on a full scholarship with students selected from all walks of life, independent of their ability to pay the full tuition.

The first step towards this ambitious goal was the establishment of our student bursary program to support currently enrolled families that may be struggling to keep their children at Rundle.  For some, subsidizing tuition might be a tough sell but I see the value in helping our existing Rundle community. I can’t imagine looking out at my classes and picturing them without one or two students just because their parents’ circumstances may have changed.  

The goal must be to continue to grow our bursary endowment funds so that we can continue to support our Rundle students as needed. Once we have demonstrated that we can assist our current families, then I think we can turn our attention to offering the opportunity to attend a high-quality school like Rundle to a broader spectrum of society. Towards that goal, I have always been happy to give, and I will continue to give.”

We would like to thank all of our donors for their support of our students and programs and for making it possible for us to continue to serve this very special community. You make all the difference!